Let it go – autism version

Direkt aus dem Herzen.

cupcakes and sailors

So a girl who was diagnosed in her later years decided to re-write the lyrics to the hit song „let it go“ from Frozen and I want to hug her, she’s hit the nail on the head and I have a small feeling that this will work for anyone with a mental health issue not just those on the spectrum.

Sarah had this to say about her video:

„This is a cover of ‚Let it Go‘ from Frozen, but with changed lyrics to reflect how I feel about finally getting and coming to terms with an ASD — Autism Spectrum Disorder — diagnosis. It also goes out to everyone on the AS spectrum, especially the girls, and especially the girls that weren’t diagnosed until adulthood. This song reflects mostly how I felt growing up — being stared at when I had a bad meltdown, people not understanding me, etc — though…

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