Songs in the Key of Asperger’s

A Different Sort of Solitude

These aren’t songs which are explicitly, deliberately about autism, because there don’t seem to be any of those. Which is puzzling, because a lot of Aspies are musicians. These five songs reflect my personal experience with Asperger’s, and my interactions with the non-autistic.

Let Your Yeah Be Yeah

(The Pioneers)

This one’s all about the necessity of direct, clear communication, and how frustrating subtext can be. It eloquently and soulfully expresses the tremendous exasperation I feel sometimes when dealing with neurotypicals and all their bullshit.

Most autistic line: “I’m on my guard and I’m watching you from head to toe.”

Life Is a Rock But the Radio Rolled Me


This might not seem particularly autistic until you describe the song out loud: It is a monotone, encyclopedic recitation of an enormous list of rock and roll musicians whom the singer finds particularly interesting or meaningful. That is so. Fucking…

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